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Notwithstanding the technology market 'meltdown' over the past the amount of technology investment in the National Capital region of Canada continues to flow at historically high levels and will see renewed focus on early stage companies. Couple that with the amount of technology manpower available in the region across a broad skillbase and the general expectation of market recovery and you've got three of the key ingredients required to fuel a major technology offensive right here in Silicon Valley North. Never before has there been such a critical mass of smart money, smart people, and time as there is right here right now, so get ready for the excitement. We are.

Our reasons for being:

  • To provide Investors with seasoned independent technology development advice in support of business decision making.
  • To provide Technology Enterprises and Start-ups with experienced development planning and risk mitigation and management expertise.
  • To provide a business opportunity for veteran technology professionals in the Ottawa region and to harness that potential to drive technology start-up business success.
Enabling business success through R&D effectiveness.

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